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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 25, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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short time ago. the chp reopened the highway. two dead, four wounded. police spend today combing for clues. ktvu's john sasaki is live from there with what we found out about the moments before the shots were fired. >> reporter: chalk that was used to mark the evidence of the shooting. someone shot six people this morning with what they have been an assault weapon. two of them died. this afternoon i talked to the family of one victim who was shot in the head. >> someone opened fire at sweet jimmie's. a 26-year-old man is now in critical condition. rick, his unal and a pastor
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prayed this afternoon outside the hospital. -- his uncle and a pastor prayed this afternoon outside the hospital. >> serious injury. >> reporter: oakland had 34 homicides this year. there are too many lives being taken for no reason at all. >> high on substance. not being able to control your emotions and having access to guns and bullets too easily. >> reporter: police are still trying to find a motive and the gunman. >> very little crime here. but when something like this happens you have to pay attention to it. i think the problem is too many guns, bad schools and no jobs. >> reporter: police released this photo of a car, a white dodge, carrying four young men. the mayor issued a statement saying police will be patrolling this area more heavily. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2
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news. a high speed chase over the weekend is drawing more attention to the problem of broken police radios. numerous officers told us the neighborhood around mcarthur boulevard is a radio dead zone. the owner of this store says his business already had several attempted break ins and now this latest news is not what he wants to hear. >> very disturbing to imagine a situation where the police were not able to communicate and get the support they needed to help us in the event of a problem. >> officials have acknowledged the problem and say a new communication system should be in use sometime this summer. the issue of radios in oakland came to the forefront in january when they delayed the medical response in a officer involved shooting. the following week there were two more incidents. two weeks after that officers
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reported radio problems while responding to shots fired at a hotel party. this month, radio communication went down for 90 minutes. >> police are looking for a armed robbery suspect. this morning police say a man with a gun held up a chase bank branch on camden avenue. police received the call that a robbery was in progress. >> when the officers arrived they determined that the suspect entered the bank, fired at least one round and demanded money. >> no one was. investigators say witnesses provided conflicting distributions of the man. once they get those sorted out they will release the description. new allegations of excessive force by police officers. the meeting just wrapping up to change the tone of the police department's community relations.
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opponents of same-sex marriage are planning a new appeal after the judge revealed he is . same-sex marriage opponents say the vaughn walker should have recused himself. vaughn walker said he did not consider his relationship a reason for recusal. he declared prop 8 unconstitutional. our complete coverage of the same-sex marriage battle continues on with back ground on prop 8 and video. a san francisco woman is being hailed as a hero after saving a neighbor from a fire. started 12:30 this morning on powell street. she carried an elderly neighbor down the stairs to help him escape the flames. four people were treated.
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investigators say the fire appears to be an accident. a dozen unions are banning together to back dock workers. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco with how today's labor action could lead to a strike. >> reporter: hod didn't happen on april 4 spawned a federal lawsuit and talk of a strike among local labor unions. a dozen unions rallied in san francisco this morning. they came in support of local 10. the union is being ud for a sympathy strike, tied to the martin luther king, jr.s sasination in 1968. >> , jr.'s assassination in 1968.
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>> reporter: a show of solidarity with wisconsin workers who lost collective bargaining agreement rights. they say the union violated a clause banning strikes. a spokeswoman said our economy depends on keeping the ports open. these individuals chose to ignore their contract, ignore the courts and break the rules. today's rally brought together longshoreman and teachers. >> our class is 60 students. >> reporter: machinist and muni bus drivers. >> we don't move the people and product, they don't make money. they need to understand that. >> reporter: they say the event disrupted operations. protesters called for a strike, though others said they want the association to drop its
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lawsuit immediately. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. contracts for 50,000 state workers are headed to the senate for the vote. they approved contracts for six labor unions. the contracts with the california correctional peace officers association come underfire for removing the 80 day vacation cap. the contracts won't save the state as much as the governor predicted. falling $200 million short. a judge ordered an end to the national football league lock out of players. susan richard nelson found the lock out was causing harm to the careers of professional football players. owners immediately said they would appeal. there is no current players contract, no way of knowing how they would handle trades and free agency. coming up, mark is contact nothing 49ers and raiders
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trying to get a comment. he will also break down what it means means for the up coming football season. customers will may for chairman, chief executive and president peter darbee retirement package. officials said customers should not have to foot the bill. >> netflix said their earnings doubled. $1.11 per share. more people bought new homes last months. the numbers out today show an 11% increase. that followed three months of
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declines. still the pace remains far below healthy levels. wall street logged its lightest day of trading. the news that companies missed earnings targets is a sign consumers are getting sweed. the dow jones industrial average lost 26.11 points to close at 12,479.88. the nasdaq composite edged up 5.72 points to 2,825.88. california lawmakers are getting tougher on cell phone use while driving. the senate approved raising the fines for texting or using a handheld device when you are behind the wheel. first offense $328. repeat offenders face $528 fine and points on their driving record. the discovery of an 8-pound chunk of gold has geologists heading to look for more.
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mike reports and the geologist high tech way of finding gold nuggets. >> reporter: people are rolling up their sleeves and because of what was discovered here, making a familiar gold rush claim. >> there is gold in them there hills. >> just weeks after a gold nugget was auctioned off for $460,000. he is returning to the same spot with radar in search for more gold. he told me the likelihood there is more gold is very likely. >> no question, obviously there is still gold out there. >> reporter: don is hopeful the attention on the possibility of gold will spark a mini gold rush. >> a lot of people are talking about it. >> reporter: where might you be able to find it?
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that remain as secret. >> washington nug and the we are not sure who found it. >> reporter: the geologist did admit the area where he does know there is gold is that area there. the land owner will not say where it was found. ktvu channel 2 news. the price of silver is expected to reach $50 an ounce soon. the flood of buyers and sellers here at oakland silver and gold. prices surged 8% this morning to $49.82 an ounce. governor boun is sending his condolences to the family of an airman. he was killed in action in 1943
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when his plane crashed. the crash site wasn't discovered till 2003 and his remains were brought home and buried last week. these are the latest complaints of excessive force against the san jose police department. what we learned about a meeting this afternoon to address the issues. the sun came out, it's warming up. how warm will it get for your tuesday? i will have that forecast for your city.
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. >> major league baseball commissioner picked thomas schieffer to run the dodgers. he will oversee the business
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and day-to-day operations of the club. it move comes four days after the league assumed control of the league. the couple that owns the dodgers is involved in a bitter divorce. a statewide soda tax proposal failed to make it out of the assembly today. the bill calls for a penny an ounce tax. it would bring in $1.7 billion which would be used to fight childhood obesity. >> this could be the first generation of kids in history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. turns out surgery beverages are the leading contributor to the obesity epidemic. san francisco's top lawyer is taking aim at a strong new
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alcoholic beverage. he wants them to stop selling blast by cold 45. as you can see on their website, the 23-ounce cancontains 12% call, that is the esavelen of five drinks. do san jose police officer use excessive force? a meeting just wrapped up at changing the department's image. >> reporter: the first lawsuit filed in february by a 26-year- old who claims he was hurt following a foot chase. the second case in october of last year maintains police hurt a drunk driver. the chief hopes to avoid such lawsuits in the future by working with critics.
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>> we are optimistic to developing a new -- new era of police-communicate relations. >> reporter: another change, he made it easier to voice complaints. >> before citizens would have to come in to voice their complaints, now they have their options of doing it online. >> reporter: it is critical the public report any concerns. >> i can't tell you i have seen a difference yet. i haven't been able to determine trends yet. >> reporter: in 2009 there were 214 complaints. 527 allegations. 19% for force. >> reporter: today we got to see the cover of the new report, just about to come out, detailing last year's complaints. back here live, the chief's new committee is meeting right now
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on the second floor up there. it is a new tone for the department but having to deal with old issues. reporting live, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police say they are making progress in an effort to clean up an area known for prostitution. a march to raise awareness along international boulevard. today police set in -- a record decrease in the amount of irrigated farmland between 2006 and 2008. the department said the state lost 317-miles of irrigated farmland in two years. some of the land was taken over by buildings. >> the amount of land during
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the two year period, the side of new york city. >> california is still the nation's leader in agricultural production. despite the drop in irrigated farmland. strange weather day. sprinkles. a lot of people wondering when it's going to warm up. let's check in for the forecast. >> people are over it with the scattered showers. we did have sprinkles this morning. wet on the morning commute. now it's kind of mild out there. little cooler. temperatures dropping off after they reached into the upper 60s. we will go into a warming trend. the jet stream well to the north. this low pressure center, which moved through yesterday is clearing out of the area. lake tahoe, rain drops. and again this morning. it is moving on. high pressure establishes
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itself. there will be, with that high pressure, a opportunity for patchy fog. another couple weeks we won't be seeing fog because it will turn into a summer pattern. we will see coastal fog. temperatures going into the 60s and low 70s. warmest week we have had in a while. it will be warmer this week. a lack of clouds tonight. and then again tomorrow morning as we get into lunchtime. a few more clouds off shore. this shows rain as well. as you can see, no rain in the forecast. coastal fog, patienting in towards the -- pushing in towards the end of the day. patchy fog in the morning. patchy coastal fog in the afternoon. fairfield 77. temperatures are below where you would expect.
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the main thing, clear conditions, the increase in pollens. that will be -- as we go into this period with no rain, wind, snow, allergies. we will, with this big rain season, we will experience first the trees and the grasses and weeds as well. mold as well. eureka, there it is. nice week ahead. dry. crazy amounts of snow, now we are looking at pollen counts which are on the increase. >> thank you. bart has a new field experiment, the role you can play.
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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. bart is inviting you to take a seat. they are about to buy new seats for its trains and wants you to weigh in on what kinds. so a seat lab will be set up. you will be asked to villout a survey. to find out where the seat lab will be next, go to and look under web links. mark joins us now with lots
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of football news. more so with the labor dispute. >> this time of year usually we are talking about the fun stuff, the draft on thursday but we are now in uncharted sports labor dispute waters. chaotic situation with the nfl right now. today a federal judge orders an end to the nfl lock out and the league immediately will appeal that, as soon as tomorrow morning. also what that means is free agency and trades are still on hold as before. players cannot return to the team's facilities for their off season training work outs. the hope is, after all is said and done, it will help expedite both sides and get them returning to the negotiating table and get the season underway. sad news for 49er fan whose
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remember the greatness of joe "the jet" perry. first running back ever in the nfl to put together back to back 1,000-yard rushing seasons. he died today at the age of 84. complications related to dementia. the huge story in los angeles. the sharks trying to lock out the kings and get it done finally in the nhl first round of playoffs. a's play later. giants on their way to pittsburgh. highlights at 10:00. that's the sporting life right now. >> sharks are up, down. >> home nice means nothing. you work real hard to get the home ice advantage in the playoffs, in hockey it doesn't mean a lot. they got two shots to win one
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game. >> thank you. >> coming up at 7:00. homeland security leaders visit the bay area to get tough on cybercrime. how it could lead to new policies. and that is our report for now. >> have a good evening everyone. >> good night.
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